Artificial Sensing and Intelligence
for Ecosystem Management.

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We democratize deep management of climate critical ecosystems, fostering active preservation

We help reducing greenhouse emissions by scaling high resolution forest management through a fully automated and affordable solution.

By harnessing state-of-art Machine Learning on precise, real-time sensor data, we can not only detect threats as they happen, but even predict their arising and forecast their unfolding. Our system equips forest managers with a much richer understanding of their forest ecosystems, and a decision toolbox to deploy immediate mitigating actions (e.g. parasite disinfestation, wild fire/drought control, forest diversification, harvesting).

We improve forest health, resilience and bioeconomical performance (e.g. CO2 binding, material output) by introducing Quality Assurance and Lean processes to a broad ecosystem management community, and enabling quantitative impact assessment of new forest policies.


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